One of the most significant tools in the piling industry, which is compatible with any earth conditions. The basic cutting and drilling feature makes it extra special than any other tools. It is used in various conditions such as Solid rock, Concrete, Compacted soil, especially for Stiff and Firm drilling. Our Augers provides the best …

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In deeper stages of piling, especially when the soil and underground water are coagulated each other, it is a difficult task for an open tool to perform drilling. At these stages mostly Buckets are used to perform drilling to get maximum productivity. Buckets are designed with closed surface and rotating bottom with an opening, it …

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Core Barrel

Core barrels are heavy-duty tools used in soil with hard rock formations these types of tools are made from hardened steel which has got high durability and strength. Cutting angles can be altered according to the application. Core barrel is available in variable teeth range that can be used in various conditions. Features: Kelly box …

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Why Choose Us

We have been in the drilling industry since 2006. We started our business in UAE, with hard earned experience of 20 years from European companies in drilling industry. Now ANICO INTERNATIONAL is proud to share its services and knowledge with piling & foundation companies all around the world. We ensure delivering our quality services within our factory working in India.

In addition to foundation drilling tools, ANICO offers the most comprehensive range of piling tool accessories for use on all makes and types of piling tools, designed specifically for all types of drilling applications.

Who We Are?

ANICO INTERNATIONAL Offers a complete range of piling tools including drilling buckets, augers, core barrels, turn tables, water tanks, pile testing equipments etc. of high quality at economical prices. We have an in house press with capacity of bend up to 100mm auger fligts by cold pressing.

We use special range of alloy steel which provides more strength & life to our products, making it more productive even in the toughest underground conditions prevailing across various geographies. Drilling teeth with high grade carbide and the quality of the steel used for production has enabled us to reach a prominent place in this field of business.

Our Clients & Partners