One of the most significant tools in the piling industry, which is compatible with any earth conditions. The basic cutting and drilling feature makes it extra special than any other tools. It is used in various conditions such as Solid rock, Concrete, Compacted soil, especially for Stiff and Firm drilling. Our Augers provides the best overall design and production based on the functioning of the machine and it is available from 500mm to 3000mm diameter and customization can be made according to the requirements.

Technical Information:

We offers a wide range of rock augers for piling in various soil conditions and to meet the requirements of different design of large diameter piles. Our rock augers are available with single start, double start half spiral and double start full spiral flights, for any diameter to drill with or without casing protection and according to customer’s special requirement.

Our auger type is classified into following categories:

Heavy Duty

Suitable for High torque rotary rigs;


Suitable for Medium and limited torque rotary rigs.

Anico international Augers are designed by our engineering and research department with experienced engineers, while the production is performed by skilled technicians operating with very advanced tooling Machineries. The following table suggesting to choose the best parameters for auger.

Tool Parameters

500 470 1000 - 2000 based
on requirements
300-450 16-50 based
600 570
700 670
800 770
900 870 450-500
1000 970
1100 1070
1200 1170
1300 1270
1400 1370 500-600
1500 1470
2000 1970
2500 2470
3000 2970