We design our rock buckets with the help of well experienced engineers in the piling industry. Our advanced tooling machineries help the technicians to acquire perfect manufacturing for the tools without any fault. Anico international design and manufacture basically cylindrical and conical Rock cutting buckets. We prefer to use our cylindrical bucket for dense sand, gravel, weak & medium hard rock, and hard silt to get the optimum result. Recommend for piling works into siliceous, metamorphic and magmatic rocks, for drilling near waterbeds or drilling with bentonite protection. Conical buckets are mainly used in Soft & stiff silt, medium dense sand, gravel, coarse gravel, also designed for sedimentary and siliceous rocks when drilling with bentonite protection were we can easily take out the pile waste. Its main advantage is the shape that helps to move up and down easily in the pile.

  • Kelly box : 130X130 mm | 150X150 mm | 200X200 mm | Others on request
  • Wear protection : Hard faced plates | Others on request
  • Teeth : 25mm | 38mm | Others on request
  • Pilot : Soil pilot | Rock pilot