Casing joints and pipes for pile protection of collapsing. Casing joints are composed of one male half joint and one female joint welded at each end of casing pipe for easy pipe connection. Joints coupling supplied with conical screw type for single and double wall casing. Casing joints are available for casing pipe with range of outer diameter from 600 mm to 2500 mm - other diameter available upon request. Joints coupling thickness 40 mm or more, according to the required casing diameter. Based on its Application, it is classified into two types.

1. Single wall casing
2. Double wall casing

Casing Shoes

Casing pipe supplied with start cutting ring equipped with welding bar inserts or welding bar teeth for penetrating he soil.
Other kind of teeth available upon request.

Casing Adapter

Designed to be used for driving the casing instead of casing oscillator, provided with half joint to be plied directly to the rotary table of the base machine or to be driven by Kelly Bar.