Tremie pipes are normally used to pour concrete into a pile is drilled, after the steel cage reinforcement is placed in operation, to avoid concrete pile breakage or gaps. During the operations they are lowered inside and through the steel cage reinforcement to protect concrete from soil contamination water filtering and to avoid any possible concrete quality corruption. ANICO INTERNATIONAL Tremie pipes are made of quality drawn steel plates in order to guarantee high resistance elements. Pipes sections can be connected by two kinds of coupling systems: threaded joints and wire cable joints. While threaded Tremie pipe are equipped with male/female joints with thread, the wire cable system is designed for quick assembly /dismounting of the various pipe sections during the concreting operations. Using wire cables joints water and mud penetration is prevented by OR ring seals applied in between male and female joints.

Threaded joint
wire rope joint

Sizes : 152.4 mm (6”)| 203.2 mm (8”) | 254 mm (10”)
Coupling : Threaded joint | Wire rope joint
*Other Dimensions available on request

Tremie pipes assembly is provided with set of accessories such as:

  • Funnel: to pour concrete through the Tremie pipe
  • Lifting Head: to help the lifting & lowering operations
  • Flushing Head: to inject water and cleaning agent through pipe
  • Trimie gate: for tightening and unscrewing of threaded joints;
  • Trimie stand: to stock pipes and to make easy the moving from one jobsite to another.
Tremie Stand
Flushing Head
Lifting Head
Trimie gate